Beixuan Yang

MSc in Computer Science

Computational Vision and Imaging Lab at York University

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Full Stack Website

Full stack website development project
RaptorCoders Courses

  • Frontend -- Angular
  • MessageQ -- RabbitMQ
  • Container - Docker
  • Backend -- Django
  • Database -- PostgreSQL
  • Deployment -- Heroku

Ethereum Block
Miner Distribution

In this project, we estimated the frequency of the top miners to see if in practice the miners are as varied as one would hope. It covered the period from the start of Etherim in 2015-07-31 to 2022-02-04.

XGBoost Evaluation

In this project, XGBoost algorithm was evaluated over 4 datasets on different tasks (classification and regression), with other popular Machine Learning Algorithms (kNN, Random Forest, Neural Network, AdaBoost, Linear Regression, and Decision Tree).